Kamis, 28 April 2011

Enjoy the Royal Wedding tomorrow. Best wishes to William and Kate. Could have got married in a lovely rural setting las you can do here.
Apparently couples called Kate & William get free pizza at Dominoes tomorrow. Anyone up for some deed poll action :D
RT @Nindishadrina: I'm so excited to see The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate. Ah can't wait♥
Am I the only one who doesn't care for William & Kate's wedding? Like they really paid to promote that sh*t on twitter? smh...
Raleigh wishes Prince William and Kate all the future happiness in their lives together!
Congratulations #William & Kate on your #RoyalWedding tomorrow.
I hope i can attend wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton :)
William and Kate ::::: Imma going to watch the Royal Wedding ticket  live!!!!
william and kate are getting married tomorrow afternoon (malaysia time) #royalwedding :D may god bless their marriage :)
5 mins to go till we pick a winner...Who is your favourite person called #kate or #william? Best suggestion wins a #free family ticket.
Watch The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton Live Stream Online on pc
William & Kate are getting married soon. I don't really know any details. I've been very busy. Not giving a damn is time consuming.
funny Royal wedding William & Kate by UbiSoft
YouTube - Rabbids invade the Royal Wedding [UK]‎ -
Ho hum to the #RoyalWedding of William & Kate, says YJI's lad in London, Noah Kidron-Style.
Congratulations William & Kate on your #RoyalWedding tomorrow.
Nothing against William & Kate but I'm so glad our founding fathers ditched the whole monarchy thing. Guess UK needs their celebrities too.
Life doesn't like a fairy tale,but not for william and kate.
Kate and William have invited Rebecca Black to their wedding to sing an acoustic version of Friday as the wedding is on a Friday, JK #BM
William & Kate's wedding tomorrow. RT if you are only happy about it because you get a day off school.
Entertainment :: British Royals Dance With Technology: Friday's nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middlet...
Ha! anyone named William and Kate can travel to London from Oxford for £1 tomorrow.
William & Kate are getting almost as much attention for doing nothing as John & Kate did.
today william & kate movie on tv :) how cute is the new william and kate pic
"The Best Gossip About Kate Middleton and Prince William From the Abundant Royal-Wedding Books" and related posts
who all gon watch the royal wedding of William & Kate....I AM!